Amber’s Bracelets Store Customer Reviews

Here’s what our customers had to say regarding our beaded bracelets and waist beads. 

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Based on 9 reviews

Omg this bracelet is so bomb. Thank God I can wear it!! Yellow is my favorite color!!

Great Quality

Loved my waistbeads ! they were beautiful

Love them

I absolutely love these waist beads! They were super easy to put on. I’ve already purchased 3 sets and they gave my waist looking so pretty!

Love it

They are super long which makes it so much better cause you can double it around your waist or adjust it to your liking. Definitely recommend!

Definitely love my bracelet comfortable and subtle
Perfect for any occasion

Great quality

I love this bracelet I got for my niece. Exactly as described. Must buy!

AmbersBraceletsStore String Waist Beads
Amazing waist bead!

This waist bead is amazing and adjustable!! I love how it looks around my waist! So worth getting it!

AmbersBraceletsStore String Waist Beads
So in love with the new waist beads

This is my third one and I just absolutely love and the way is just compliments my waist. Growing up I always always insecure about my weight and now I love showing off. Especially with my waist beads around my waist!!!!! It just gives it an extra bling and that extra confident that’s I needed ❤️❤️❤️