Everyone's wrists and waists are not the same size.

Neither are our beaded bracelets and screw on waist beads, which are made in different lengths and sizes. Here are some tips on how to find and know your waist and wrist size. 

You would need one of the following to assist you with finding your correct size and/or measurement:

  • measuring tape (used by tailors)
  • string/yarn and ruler

If using a measuring tape, wrap it around the wrist/waist with the centimeter (cm) side facing you, and record your measurement. 

If using string or yarn, wrap it around the wrist or waist. Once you have the length, measure the length with a ruler. 

Below are the inches to centimeters length conversion for children, teens, women, and men. 


  • 5.5 inches (14cm)
  • 6 inches (15.3cm)

Teen and Women:

  • 6.5 inches (16.6cm)
  • 7 inches (17.9cm)
  • 7.5 inches (19.2cm)
  • 8 inches (20.5cm)


  • 8 inches (20.5cm)
  • 8.5 inches (21.6cm)
  • 9 inches (24.1cm)

If you cannot find your waist or wrist size on any of our items, we have custom order listings available here: