Founder/CEO & Amber's Bracelets Store


Amber Vaughn, a focused and hard-working individual with customer service experience and attention to detail, loves wearing jewelry that shows off her personality, positivity, and confidence.

She purchased jewelry from brick-and-mortar stores periodically. Over time, the jewelry she purchased didn't make her feel like she was different from people who purchased and wore the same thing. In addition, she didn't see any bracelets that were made with different materials and styles.

She occasionally online shopped and didn't see items from entrepreneurs, specifically young African American women, who lived in her community or from her home state of New Jersey. It was then, she decided to start her own brand and stand out in her community.

She invested her own money and time to purchase materials, make beaded bracelets, promoted them to family and friends to see what happened. People began responding and purchasing the bracelets they saw her promote.

As a result, she created a brand in early 2020 called Amber's Bracelets Store, an online jewelry store where she sold beaded bracelets and waist beads. She initially started Amber's Bracelets Store on Etsy and created a website as another source to sell her beaded bracelets and waist beads.

Amber saw Amber's Bracelets Store as an online jewelry store that sells handmade beaded jewelry that's stylish and promotes positivity for men and women. While creating Amber's Bracelets Store, Amber also saw customers wearing her beaded bracelets and waist beads with positivity and confidence.