Amber's Bracelets Store FAQs

I received a notification stating that my items were delivered, but I don’t see my package.

I’m sorry you can’t locate your package. Once the item has been dropped off to USPS/FedEx, scanned, and shipped to the address that was provided, Amber’s Bracelets Store will not be responsible for any lost packages. Contact me immediately to confirm the delivery of your package.

If your package is marked as delivered by USPS/FedEx and you didn’t receive it, please check with your neighbor or contact your local USPS/FedEx customer service immediately to file a claim and provide them with the shipping number. I will do the same on my end.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may have brought you. 


Sizing details

I understand that everyone’s waist size is different from the size that is in the listing. One end of the waist beads are loose for the recipient to remove the beads to fit their waist.


Care instructions

Once the package is in your possession, you will find your bracelet(s) packaged in a small clear jewelry bag. Please store the spare beads in the clear jewelry bag, and store the clear jewelry bag in places that are not reachable by infants and toddlers.


Do you accept returns and exchanges for any of your products?

Amber's Bracelets Store does not accept returns nor exchanges for any product that was purchased.

If you no longer wish to receive the product, please let us know immediately via Facebook/Instagram messenger due to orders being packaged and picked up the same day the product was purchased. Once notified, we will fully refund you.